Photography by Daniel Burleson | Baby Sale

Baby Sale


Me and my wife are expecting our second child in April and what use to be my picture storage room is becoming the baby's room. So I thought I would try and get rid of some of my pictures that are currently taking up space by having a sale. I'll start adding pictures to this page and once the said picture is sold I won't be selling any more at that discounted price. If there's one if my images that you've been wanting chances are I might have one unless it's one if my newer shots, if there's something your looking for feel free email me at
If you've been wanting to add some art to your empty walls or have been looking for a birthday present this is a great opportunity, hey it's never too early to go ahead and get Christmas presents either :).
I'll be posting updates to my Facebook page as I update the sale page so if you don't already you can follow me at