Photography by Daniel Burleson | About
*Above image courtesy of my good friend and fellow photographer Keith Clontz, you can view more of his wonderful images at

I live in the Mountains of Western North Carolina with my loving and supportive wife and our energetic 6 year old son. I have lived here my whole life, I love the mountains and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else although I do hope to do some traveling one day. My camera gear currently consists of a Canon 5D MKII, 4 lenses, various filters, and a tripod. I love shooting landscapes especially sunrises, there just seems to be something special about the start of a new day.
To me, my most rewarding images are those where I feel I had to really work for (making the hike in the dark with a flashlight to make it to that special spot before sunrise, or going out in the bitter cold to capture that beautiful winter scene). I hope that my images would invite the viewer into them and give a feeling of "being there".

Artist Statement

I entered into the world of photography in 2006, when I purchased my first digital SLR camera. It didn't take long for me to become addicted to taking pictures and with that a desire to learn all I could about photography. The technical side of photography I learned from reading many books and articles, the rest I guess you could say was just trial and error and spending a lot of time in the field.
Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina instilled a love for the outdoors in me so finding a willing subject to shoot wasn't hard, just finding it in the right light. I often visit locations several times before I get all the elements just right. That's one of the many challenges of landscape photography and I embrace it.